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Triple Cream offer two entertainment packages -


Triple cream can... Perform stand up comedy without the use of props or special effects, and keep an audience entertained with their quick fire ad-libbing and topical material. Triple Cream can also perform musical parodies which are always received to much acclaim and praised for their originality, skill and vocal dexterity.

When using props... Here are just a few of the characters in Triple Cream’s often requested "show biz rap”. New characters are constantly added in this part of the show so as to be up to date and topical.

Audience participation… is often a part of the comedy act.  Members of the audience can be part of the show but without being overly embarrassed or feeling uncomfortable but part of the fun.

Corporate clients… can have humor to fit a company profile or music arranged to fit a produced or a particular employee without any fear of upsetting clients or management

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Whole Night Music & Comedy Package

Now if you thought that Triple Cream were only here for laughs, then think again! Aside from their brilliant & unique comedy act, the boys can also offer you the ultimate entertainment package; filling your entire evening or other functions from start to finish.
Here you can see them in their alter egos as accomplished musicians, providing non-stop music to transform a fun occasion into a truly memorable one. Their music is completely live (a rare treat these days) & the repertoire ranges from the swing area right up to the present day chart sounds, including favorites from every decade along the way. There’s music for everyone, whatever your taste.

During a full evening’s entertainment, background music is provided as well as a current disco mix on CD to fill the gaps between the music and comedy sets – it’s a non-stop unbeatable party package & completely self-contained with high quality PA & lighting system.
A whole night with Triple Cream? Try it; you might like it…